Almrobei: no choice but to the House of Representatives vote on the law of the strongest remaining

BAGHDAD - and babysit -between a member of the National Alliance on the mass of the Virtue MP Hussein Almrobei there was no choice in front of the House of Representatives, but the vote on the law, which will top post and will reflect the respect for the House of Representatives of the Constitution and the decisions of the Federal Court and not voting on it is a violation constitutionally clear. "He Almrobei told the news public opinion (and babysit): "The failure to adopt the rest strongest of this law will lead to a legal vacuum. If we assume in the province has derived its votes by the list of where one candidate or candidates only and the rest of the menu, all failed to reach the election quota, it Under the previous law means that only two members of the creaky this province and the rest, the former law is not permissible for this silent shapes and forms that will only vote for the most powerful system of the rest. " He pointed out that no vote at rest the strongest limit the political process in Iraq in three or four blocks and will establish the dictatorship of the new which we continue to live and woes, the new Iraq Bdimgravih and Taddyate and Akulaiath refuse to melt all of these components a single party, or two or three. "
It also confirmed Almrobei: "The vote on the rest strongest will expand political participation and thus multiple blocs in parliament, which promotes the idea of ​​the opposition of positive and correct the political structure either limit the topic blocks large that usually distributes government posts the big, including unsupervised and Haseeb will not get us to build institutions properly but will turn a blind eye to the mutual will lead to the collapse of state institutions. "
It is worth mentioning that the House of Representatives on Monday listed on the schedule to vote on provincial elections law, districts and areas.