Jordan's energy: Iraq is the most important sources of gas supply to the Kingdom

Monday, 30 July 2012 11:08

Shafaq News / Energy ministry of Jordan said that Iraq and Qatar will be the most prominent exporters to import gas without linking it to one source.
A source at the ministry said in a statement briefed by "Shafaq News", gas dock project in Aqaba city, which took about two years to be built will give the Kingdom flexibility to receive gas ships from all sources.
Qatar and Jordan has formed a technical team earlier this year to study aspects related to supplying the Kingdom with natural gas to generate electricity and meet the growing demand for Jordan of natural gas and energy sources, which reached to an import rate that exceeds 150 thousand barrels of oil per day during the last year compared to 110 thousand barrels per day in the past few years.
More than one Jordanian company is seeking to create companies for investment of gas purpose, which will supply the Kingdom from the Qatari side in compensation for the cut of Egyptian gas.
Jordan imports 80% of its needs of Egyptian gas to produce electricity, and frequent interruptions made ​​it resort to heavy fuel and diesel to generate electricity, the state treasury carries a difference in price estimated at five million dollars a day.