Today .. Meeting for the selection of draft oil law

BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab

Meet in the House of Representatives today to the Commission on oil and energy and the Legal Committee for the selection of a hydrocarbon law that is consistent with the Constitution. announced that the "morning" Member of the Oil and Energy Rep. Susan Saad, indicating that the Commission on oil and energy accounted for (lobby) to put pressure on political blocs in order to determine the position of the law.

It is noted that there are in the Commission three copies of the oil law, the first version drafted by the former, while the second version introduced in 2007 and wants the Kurdistan Alliance, which, while emphasizes the central government need to adopt a version approved by the Council of Ministers recently.

She Saad that the law which will be held by the amendments during the second reading, as it will include a lot of important topics, similar to other laws that prepared and presented for discussion .. And thus will be the House of Representatives-Faisal to vote on any proposal.

"She explained that there are" two versions presented by the government and the proposed Third, in advance of some members of the House of Representatives ", expressing concern about the delay in approving this law," because the country needs him after that the reason behind a lot of problems between Center and the Kurdistan region, "especially that Article 112 is clear, so devolve and warp in line with the interests and approval of the law will determine the central subject and end the controversy.

Article (112) of the Constitution as follows:" First: The federal government will administer oil and gas extracted from existing fields with the governments of producing regions and provinces, that the revenues will be distributed in a fair proportion to the population distribution across the country, with a quota for a specified period for affected regions, which deprived them unfairly by the former regime, which were damaged after that, to ensure balanced development in different parts of the country, and shall be regulated by law.

Second: The federal government and governments of the regions and producing provinces together will draw up strategic policies to develop oil and gas wealth, so as to achieve the highest benefit to the Iraqi people, relying most modern techniques of market principles and encouraging investment.