Islam: the exchange of charges between Baghdad and Erbil, a kind of political miscarriage

| On 2012-07-28 |

1:41 p.m.BAGHDAD / electronic integrity

MP from the bloc said Furat al-Shara to the citizen that the exchange of charges and the negative statements between the Baghdad government and the provincial government a kind of political miscarriage, indicating that these statements do not serve the interests of one without the numbers there to be achievable.

Shara said for the newspaper "integrity of electronic" Today we have become accustomed to such remarks opposite the same time and all the parties, whether from the federal government or the provincial government, which does not serve the interests of the citizen never, he said, adding that the Kurdistan Regional Government admitted that there are trucks and tanks smuggled through the border to Afghanistan and Iran and the charge was in response to accusations from the federal government senior officials.

He explained that the speech and wiped the charges regarding the existence of the smuggling of oil and all the Iraqi border points do not believe it's the real thing Vdah of Health and another is some kind of political and media miscarriage or something of the amplification and mixing leaves.|en& %3Dsiasy%26id%3D2975