Critical of the parliamentary Economic fourth postponement for the application of the customs tariff in Iraq : Erbil, July 28 (Rn) – criticized the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives postponed last Saturday for the application of the Tariff Act in the country.

The Economic Commission called for in last May to postpone the application of the Tariff Act because of its impact on the poor.

And was scheduled to apply the law in Iraq as of June next.

A member of the Economic Commission deputy Abdul-Hussein Resan in a written statement sent to the notification electronically that the delay for the fourth time, “the case of negative.”

He added that “from the student to postpone the application of the tariff have justification, but as the recent postponement is the fourth of its kind for this law, the justifications which are unacceptable.”

He Resan a deputy for the National Alliance, saying, “If this delay is the first we were able to hear the excuses and try to address them. The fourth be with the same justification is considered negative if the government should pay attention to address them.”

The Ministry of Finance said that the postponement of the law due to the lack of specialized staff to monitor the entry of goods. She needs a whole year to train crew.

And the development of the new law discriminatory tariff starts from zero and up to 30%.

The new law eliminates the Tariff Act issue by the former governor Paul Bremer and the subject of all goods imported into the discount rate of 5% in taxes.