Friday, 27.7.2012 Baghdad - Uday Hatem renewed «Iraqi List» adherence to question Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, has demanded to speed up the resolution of this file, amid reports about the return of the Deputy Prime Minister (leader of the Iraqi) Saleh al-Mutlaq to meetings of the Council of Ministers next week, while ruled out «Kurdistan Alliance» to resolve the crisis soon. stressed «Iraq» in a statement after a meeting of deputies, on the «need to expedite the interrogation according to the methods of constitutional and democratic». The statement said that «Iyad Allawi (head of the list) met Congress coalition in the parliament building for use in internal and regional situation, and emphasized the need to expedite the audience in the process of interrogation methods Maliki's constitutional and democratic ». the statement quoted Allawi warned of «attempts to harm the unity of Iraq and the national project, intimidation and enticement». He pointed out that «the audience denounced the continuation of insecurity and suffering of the citizens of this holy month of bombings bear the responsibility of the whole state». and the Iraqi provinces have been attacked with car bombs and improvised explosive devices and mortar shells, killing and injuring about 370 people. It is interesting that «Iraq» renewed claim to question al-Maliki after two days of the meeting was described as «positive» between the prime minister and al-Mutlaq. According to press reports local during the past two days, that «al-Mutlaq will return to the meetings of the Council of Ministers next week». was the head of the «solution» were part of the «Iraq« Jamal Karbouli , led the mediation between Maliki and al-Mutlaq. and still encounters between the leader of the «National Alliance» Ibrahim al-Jaafari and the leaders of the «Iraq» constant, after a meeting during the past two weeks, the President of «mass» in Parliament Salman Jumaili, Allawi, met on Thursday evening the President «cluster center» internalized in «Iraq», and the Secretary-General of the Islamic Party, Ayad al-Samarrai. A statement of Jaafari's office, that «the encounter with the Samurai, was part of the meetings of the President of the alliance with the political leaders to implement and paper reforms put forward by the Alliance on 7 July this». The statement pointed out that «al-Jaafari and al-Samarrai actively traded on the results of the dialogues with the political blocs In a paper the reform adopted by the Alliance and seeks to be applied according to standard schedules that will restore the spirit of trust between the political parties ». But «Kurdistan Alliance» expressed deep pessimism of the solution to the political crisis soon. And confirmed the deputy «Kurdistan» Dry longings for the «life», that «the crisis at a standstill, I do not think it will be resolved soon». They pointed out that «all the blocks sticking to their positions».