Allawi confirms the need to expedite the question al-Maliki, according to the methods of constitutional and democratic

Palm - confirmed the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, on Thursday, questioning the need to expedite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, according to the methods of constitutional and democratic government charged with responsibility for bombings that hit a number of provinces on Monday.
The Iraqi List, said in a statement issued today, and received "news agency palm," a copy of it, that its leader, Iyad Allawi met with members of the House of Representatives of the coalition in Iraq in the House of Representatives, indicating that the meeting was trading conditions of internal and regional when he said the audience on the need to expedite the process of questioning Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's constitutional and democratic methods.
She reviewed the existing strategy that Allawi coalition in Iraq for the next stage and the need to unite and confront all attempts to harm the unity of Iraq and the Iraqi national project and the attempts of intimidation and temptation faced by Iraqi MPs.
The statement noted that the present denounced the continuation of insecurity and suffering of the citizens of this holy month of bombings bear the full responsibility of the government, stressing the need for the release of innocent detainees claimed by Iraq for several months and the fastest in the transfer of Iraqis in Syria to Iraq.
Saw the provinces of Baghdad, Nineveh, Diwaniyah, Kirkuk and Wasit, Diyala, Salahuddin, in (July 23, 2012), a series of car bombs, improvised explosive devices and adhesive that killed 75 people and injuring 257 others, including police officers and members of Awakening.
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki revealed, in (17 July present), all submitted applications to host the House of Representatives hearing on an extraordinary, to discuss the violations against the political system, stressing that the demand were not met him yet, as pointed out that the interrogation of any public official must be her introductions to the most important of neutrality in dealing with the Constitution.
And previously stressed al-Maliki, in (24 June) that it will not be any questioning of his or withdraw confidence from it before it is "correct state of the parliament," which criticized the presidency of the House of Representatives, in (27 June), and stressed the need for the presence of al-Maliki to interrogation pursuant to the dictates of the Constitution.
The coalition of state law revealed, in (26 June), that the National Alliance has formed a committee to develop a paper that includes all components, including the Sadrist movement for the development and political reform paper to absorb all the problems of the political process and the government and the state, meanwhile, announced the National Alliance on (27 June ), to name members of the Committee, stressing the need to operate as soon as possible.
The Commission for the reform, (4 July present), a meeting attended by representatives of political entities affiliated to it, and saw the completion of the previous discussions to get out to see a united and clear about the political issues at hand, a day after a call by Sadr to be Reform Commission impartial and not "Maalikis," and demanding Maliki to be serious about reform before the end the parties to withdraw confidence from it.
Observers believe that the political crisis and claims to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki began Balhalhh, especially after the decline of the Sadrist movement for his position, and the formation of the National Alliance for Reform Commission, which presented a paper of 70 material mainly to resolve the state of the three presidencies, ministries, security and balance in the armed forces and independent bodies and organs of the state.