MP, Ra'ad al-Dahlaki, of the Iraqiya Slate pointed out that "There are laws that will be endorsed soon by the Parliament such as the Parties Law, Amnesty Law, and the Federal Court Law."

Dahlaki cited to AIN "The laws that reached the phase of completion are the Parties Law draft where it reached a high level of completion in addition to the General Amnesty law which is about to be completed as well as the Law of Federal Court if the political blocs agreed on it to be voted on as it reached its final stages."

"As for the Oil Law, the legal committee did not present any report about it and it has been read a first reading but it faced the objection by the political blocs as it was not studied or debated over," he added, confirming that "In case the political blocs agreed on it, then it will be read the first and second reading in order to be voted on."