Zobaie: Application of the National Alliance serves the reforms and increase the popularity

Agencies - between a member of the Iraqi WIN in the Iraqi List MP Talal Hussein Zobaie, that football has become the political reforms in the court of the National Alliance, which will increase his popularity in the event of their application.

Zobaie said in a press statement on Thursday: "We hope that the work of the National Alliance in the process of reform and turn into a reality, despite the fact that current conditions do not apply the terms of Chiraly reform paper." ". Noting that the terms of the reform are many and the paper is still inside the corridors of the coalition did not reach the political blocs after. "Noting that the first beneficiary of the reforms is the National Alliance, as it will strengthen its political position and increase his popularity, especially in the provinces that have not won the previous elections, confirming the inability No one refused to reforms when applied to the reality of the earth. "