Obama’s respond to Maliki’s letter will strengthen Kurds’ position in Iraq, says Kurdish Academician

[13:11] 12/Jul/25

PNA – Following the dispute between Kurdistan regional government and central government in Baghdad over the oil deals of Kurdish region, President of United States of America, Barak Obama responded to Maliki’s letter in a way that a Kurdish Academician see it as positive and as a move to back Kurdistan's decision about region's oil and gas deals.

The essence of Obama’s response and his message to Iraqi Prime Minister was reported earlier by Maliki as positive for Iraqi central government and backed his concern over Kurdistan’s oil deals.

Iraq's prime minister said earlier that U.S. President Barack Obama backed Baghdad's concerns over Exxon Mobil's (XOM.N) oil deal with the Kurdistan region and had emphasized Washington's respect for the Iraqi constitution and laws.

Weekly kurdish newspaper Bas yesterday lightened Obama’s thought on the issue as they recived a copy of U.S President’s letter to Maliki.

“ Obama told Maliki that American private companies are free in their deals and contracts and totally out of his government’s control and limitations”, Bas reported.

“ The way Obama responsed to maliki is an outcome of President Barzani’s visit to White House. It seems that U.S indirectly support Kurdistan” Kurdish teacher of Law in University of Sulimaniya, Peshraw Hamajan told Peyamner News Agency.

The U.S President showed his government’s support for ‘Dialogue’ as a way to solve the current problems between the regions.