Search the National Alliance Chairman Ibrahim al-Jaafari in Baghdad with Iraqi President Iyad Allawi list ways to end the political crisis in the country, after the failure of the project Barzani - to topple Maliki, Allawi and Ajzaan secure the votes needed for it.

A statement by the National Alliance on Saturday that the two sides "exchanged views on the key points required by the process of reform and ways to restore confidence among Iraqi political parties and assessment of developments throughout the region and features of the Iraqi experience from experiments taking place in the region."

". The statement added, "The two sides stressed the importance of maintaining national unity and continue dialogue to build the Iraqi state on constitutional principles and taking into account the preservation of the rights of citizenship and rights and the need to intensify efforts and communication between the political forces to resolve the current crisis."

Jaafari was met during the past few days with representatives of a number of political blocs and discussed with them the paper reforms reached by the National Alliance to end the political crisis in the country.

The National Alliance finally form a committee to display a paper reform reached by all political factions to end the problems faced by the political process.
. On the other hand, citizens cited Saturday in an attack carried out by unidentified gunmen north-west of Baghdad.

A security source said that "unidentified gunmen opened fire this morning, from the silenced guns at a civilian car carrying two people was passing in the area of ​​freedom, northwest of Baghdad, which resulted in A_i_hadahma in the case."

The source, who asked not to be named, said "the strength of police cordoned off the place, and the bodies of martyrs transferred to the forensic medicine department, as carried out the raids and searches in search of the perpetrators of the attack."