Deputy for the National: the blocks will take written guarantees for the implementation of reform paper during the National Conference
Dated: 25/07/2012 14:07:36 Wednesday

Baghdad (news) .. Likely member of a coalition of state law MP / National Alliance / Ali Hassoun Jabr, an asylum for political blocs to take the assurances may be written on the implementation of paper promises of reform and launched during the National Conference.
He said Hassoun said in a statement (of the Agency news) on Wednesday: The meetings are continuing with the political blocs to discuss the reform paper prepared by the National Alliance, there are some blocks have comments on the paper and this is natural and right, pointing out that some political blocs accepted the paper, and the coalition National will put again during the National Conference.

The MP for the National: Probably will take the political blocs during the conference guarantees for the implementation of the promises that will launch The safeguards shall be in writing and signed by the blocks, expected to yield the debate and dialogue between the political blocs positive results that will lead to open a new stage of political action.

Included paper fixes three points is to invite all political parties to review the situation in the light of the political crisis experienced by the country and to invite the political parties to deal with the call for dialogue positively and put all the files, but on the basis of commitment to the Constitution, as well as when partners are invited to discuss the important issues and find solutions according to the ceilings time in addition to the media's commitment to the truce.