View the oil crisis between Baghdad and Erbil is going to resolve

07/24/2012 0:00

BAGHDAD - Omar Abdel-Latif
said fact-finding committee set up by the House of Representatives that the crisis of the file-oil between Baghdad and Erbil on the way to a solution. coincides this information with the confirmation of the Joint Commission, which decided the Council of Ministers formed on the issue of oil it will present its report to the Cabinet on Tuesday. The Deputy Chairman of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary committee member fact-finding on the hospitality of the province of Kurdistan, expressed his willingness to export oil through the ports in the federal government of the Ministry of Oil. said hospitality in an exclusive statement to "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": that "During the visit the Committee's delegation to Kurdistan and meeting with the Minister of Natural Resources there Ashti Hawrami, the dialogue on the overall differences and mutual accusations between the federal government and the region, "adding that" it became clear through it because there is no law regulating the nature of the relationship between the operational aspects with the departure region for coordinating the common to the decision and determined by the Constitution . "He pointed out that in the absence of such coordination, the country live in an atmosphere of crisis hurt the interests of Iraq's economic and oil, indicating that there are views may differ between the two delegations, while match others, including in areas related to oil, adding that the province has contracted with foreign companies see the federal government and a clear violation of the constitution. Fayad, and warned that the province expressed its readiness to cooperate with the federal government and the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary to get to the solutions and re-export towards the federal government and the outlets of the Ministry of Oil. "