Talabani calls on all parties to work hard to reach for radical solutions to the crises and constitutional political :
Dated: 7/23/2012 18:24:11 Monday

Baghdad (news) .. Called on President Jalal Talabani's forces and parties keen on the security of the country to work hard to find radical solutions and the constitutionality of political crises.

This came in a presidential statement, received the Agency (news) on Monday, condemning the series of terrorist attacks that targeted innocent people in Baghdad, Diwaniya, Kirkuk, Salah al-Din , said the statement carried the forces of darkness and crime, a series of terrorist attacks sinful today target innocent citizens who shed their blood in this holy month in Baghdad, Diwaniya, Kirkuk and Salahuddin.

He added that the perpetrators of these terrorist acts cowardly trying to exploit the political conditions of internal and regional highly sensitive in order to destabilize the security and Alastaqrarfa Iraq, and dissemination of panic and fear being targeted all Iraqi factions, as they seek to disrupt the efforts to find lasting solutions to the political crisis of the current, and overcome the problems and differences and move the country toward establishing security and stability.

He Albaian on: that all the forces and parties keen on the security of our dear country, and the enjoyment of its citizens to settle are invited to work hard to achieve a radical solutions and the constitutionality of political crises, and unite, and the Word, and to maintain the general interest of the homeland and the citizen, and stay away from the atmosphere of political tension which is reflected on the life of the citizen of living, security, and contribute effectively to the strengthening of security, regardless of political differences lives of the citizen the most expensive of all something else.

The statement noted: The resumption of remnants of the terrorist work of the criminal after the blows it has received requires us all to avoid the positions of political escalation, and resorting to the national dialogue seriously, which provides a suitable platform to achieve national understanding desired.

and Ahab statement of all the forces and political parties to unite their positions in the the face of the remnants of terrorism, and to devote her political and media for spreading the spirit of dialogue and the values ​​of true democracy, and think seriously about ways to provide services to citizens, and the completion of the process of building the new Iraq, and to condemn this crime and expose the perpetrators and those who stand behind them, and take down the most severe penalties, and we demand our security and all state institutions and citizens in general show more vigilance to thwart the intentions sinful to the forces of darkness and crime.

He continued: While we strongly condemn the wrath of these terrorist crimes vessels, we ask Almighty God to grant our martyrs have mercy, and Eskinhm rest in peace and inspire us and their families patience and solace and bless the injured a speedy recovery. / Finished / o. p /