Kurdish forces adhere to a unified position to deal with the paper "National Alliance" reform
Posted 23/07/2012 11:47 AM

BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"
Deputy head of the "Kurdish Alliance" parliamentary Mohsen Saadoun hold powers that fall within the mass of a unified position to deal with the paper "National Alliance" reform, "If we heard a statement or diligent of deputy or official specified that does not mean that the situation Kurdish is divided, and discourse unified so far. "
said Sadoun said the leaders of the Kurdish forces internalized within the Kurdish Alliance will take the appropriate position to the paper of the National Alliance reform, "the paper did not put on the Kurdistan Alliance, formally, and when he will be our political leaders for every incident."

MP Mohsen Saadoun

The MP for the coalition of "state law" Ihsan al-Awadi, has explained that the task of the Commission arising from the "National Alliance" which leads the government will be classified points of contention in preparation for treatment, "the Commission's task to find participants, and the points of difference and classified into three levels, the short, medium and long term, then go Committee with the rest of the parties and discuss solutions to problems, including meeting the province. "
and ruled out the Kurdistan Alliance MP Rose Mahdi Mustafa willing coalition of "state law" led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for the application of the paper the reform: "There have been no serious real by state law to apply the terms of the paper, and are there serious intent to solve problems? We exclude that. "
and announced the National Alliance, a coalition move to the "Iraqi" and Christan province to discuss the reformist paper for the purpose of achieving an agreement to hold an expanded meeting to settle the disputes between the parties participating in the government.