The parliamentary session tomorrow to discuss the security file down
Posted 23/07/2012 11:50 AM

BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"
witness meeting of the Council of Representatives on Tuesday first and second readings for five projects different laws as well as discuss the bombings in the Iraqi provinces.
explained scheduled House of Representatives faces Joseph that the agenda of the meeting included the first reading of the draft amendment of the law and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and modify the affected physically from the former regime as well as the first reading of the Social Security Act.

Meeting of the Iraqi parliament

It showed Joseph that the session tomorrow, there will be no questioning of the minister of electricity, adding that the process requires several days to complete the conditions of legal weighted in the same time, the decision of the privatization of electricity in the session over the weekend.
and lifted the parliamentary session last week after political disagreements on a number of proposals submitted to her proposal privatization of the electricity sector, and the law of the provincial elections Majalsa