Baghdad said two deputies in the Iraqi List (if there is faith in the real and genuine reform by the government to reform, it shall direct). They emphasized the importance of implementing the Convention on the Erbil in this framework.
The Iraqi List MP Hamid in his speech for Cassar (East): The Iraqi List, do not close a door in the face of what would reform the political process and the service of the Iraqi people. Crushing and wished to be a meeting between al-Jaafari, Allawi had been held for the convergence of views and sorting things forward and to resolve all outstanding issues. On the position of the Iraqi List, said that Iraq's crushing her position known from the outset, it pointed out that there is an interpellation to the Prime Minister whether the existence of the no confidence resolution, or whether this depends on the opinion of parliamentarians. Cassar believes that the best proof of the existence of the reform, the application of the terms of the Arbil, if the government wanted it!.
While for the MP for the Iraqi to meet with the pink that raised a draft paper of reform is still under discussion, and the dialogues that took place between the blocks and the purpose of knowing the fact sheet and submitted the reform. Pointing to the importance of the implementation of the Erbil. She warned in her speech with (East) to say: So far there is no circulation inside the Iraqi List, that there is something towards reform paper. On the meetings of the blocks MP promised these meetings are necessary. Noting that the discussions conducted its side and zoom views of the political blocs to see and read others' opinions. And confirmed the answer: that the Iraqi List has not yet determined its position on the reform paper, being still a draft paper, not submitted to the list Kvaqrat or items.