Alshahyla: the Sadrists did not withdraw from the Commission reforms but proved his reservations on some points

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Denied on the mass of the Liberal MP Jawad Alshahyla Sadr's pullout from the Commission indicating that the reforms: the Sadrist movement proved reservations on some points because the paper reforms to Atertqa to the level of diagnostic errors.
He said Alshahyla that: the Sadrist movement proved points wanted to enter in the Commission on reforms and objected to the Sadrist movement on some of them, pointing out that "the Sadrists wanted to be the mandate of the Prime Minister first conditions and to be reform, a comprehensive and general all aspects of the state.
He said: What was the objection by us it is a mechanism of reform that came in the paper showed that reforms to the Sadrist movement reservations, noting that "the Sadrist movement is who wants to be a paper, how withdraw from the reforms that Committee.