Political body of the National Alliance confirms the start of the implementation of reforms in a practical
21/07/2012 11:26
BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network - The political body of the National Alliance for the political blocs that have expressed positive attitudes towards the supply of reforms, while confirming that he has not been until now a deadline for the start of official meetings,showed that the important thing in the reform project is a touch of seriousness in implementation of the reforms on the ground.
A member of the Authority, Hamid Maaleh's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) that "the political blocs expressed positive attitudes toward what is put out of the reforms and the movement based in the House of Representatives legislation of laws and amend the other and the return of the officers and a social reconciliation refers to the presence of movement on the ground on serious reforms" .

He Maaleh that "until now have not heard one stands against reform and we are when we put our paper the reform there was concern that the paper licensed their material may not satisfy all the parties may not apply and we said in the coalition need to find the guarantees and assurances of the partners in the political process."

The Chairman of the Reform Committee yesterday, Ibrahim Jaafari, a detailed report on the Qath he held with a number of leaders of political blocs on a paper prepared by the reform, consisting of 70 points.

And adopts the National Alliance of all components of a reformist project of the Iraqi state includes all the joints but still vague for the Alliance of Kurdistan and the Iraqi List, as they say.

National Alliance revealed earlier that he will start next week and a series of formal dialogues directly with the main blocs on the paper on the reform and the positions of them.