Saturday, July 21, 2012 16:28
Iyad Allawi: the issue of reform is not our specialty .. and human dignity must be preserved

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. Said the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi, Saturday, that the issue of reform is not our specialty, but from the jurisdiction of the National Alliance clutch on power, noting that the current government is not doing a true national partnership.

Allawi said in a statement to Al Baghdadi satellite, reported by agency / Baghdadiya News /, "The reform is achieved through Qdatien, the first commit an act of political reform, approved by the previous assembly, and the second implementation of the agreements Arbil nine, which contains the result on issues related to reform public economic, social, educational and political. "He added that "the Iraq and its allies, of the Sadr movement, the Kurdistan Alliance, and independent constitutional options, it will go through parliamentary channels."
He noted that "the youth make up more than half of Iraqi society, and they have tremendous potential to be exploited, because they represent the future of Iraq, and our attention to this important segment guarantee the future, we can provide all what can be provided, so that young people take real role in life and reject all kinds of injustice against them , in front of them and open prospects for the future, which will be the responsible for this country, and qualified for his leadership. "
He stressed, that "the will and the dignity and the lives of Iraqi citizens, must be preserved, and that is the fundamental basis and carried out by the governments."