Saturday, July 21, 2012 14:58
Al-Bayati: deny the nomination Zobaie and Gabri .. And al-Maliki al-Dulaimi, preferably installed in the defense

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. while pressing a different political parties and community views represented by clerics and tribal leaders, the direction of some of the names nominated to take over the ministries of interior and defense, is that the Commission on Security. Parliamentary defense and denied any requests for the lifting of the nomination of any political figure for these two positions, stressing that the nomination for being independent, there will not be enough additional conditions and the duty to provide. And declared the Kurdistan Alliance yesterday that he supports the nomination of the deputy in the Iraqi List, Talal Zobaie for the post of defense minister, stressing that he is a national figure and enjoys the confidence of the Kurdish leaders who have historical ties with the ancestors and that "the Kurdistan Alliance will vote and support the nomination of Zobaie in the House when you view the names of candidates for a vote". It also paid some tribal and religious figures recently towards the nomination for the post of Nadim al-Minister of the Interior, and seeks the political bureau of the Sadrist movement now to make an appointment between Jabri and the current leader Muqtada al, to discuss the support block free of Gabri. Denied the deputy state law, Abbas al-Bayati, who is one of the most prominent associates of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, announced the news on the nomination of Talal Zobaie and Nadim al, as well as other names to take over the functions of the ministries of interior and defense. "He said al-Bayati told / Baghdadiya News / that "everything that goes on from talk of these names do not count the being paid either from the political blocs, or statements and leaks to some of the characters, did not receive the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and until this moment, any nomination of an official of any block was. "
He said there was "no doubt in the naming of the security ministries to prepare for the reform project high priority and we will intensify efforts for the days ahead to Nfrg of this file but so far has not added any new names of the candidates except for the old names, and we will work in concert with other blocks to check this file, especially in achieving the three conditions essential that the candidate, "first" to be the candidate's experience in the field of security, and the second condition professionalism and high professional and the third condition is the independence and, finally, you must have a harmony and consent of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces because it will Bamrth and those with him. "
He explained that "independence is required but is not the only condition, what is the benefit of an independent person and unprofessional."
And that "some parties are trying to leak information through the media try to test the waters towards the nomination of this character or that, as well as attract attention."
And the intervention of the tribes for the nomination of certain figures, said al-Bayati, we respect these desires and sounds that reflect a wide range and must listen to them, and clans touched for two names Jabri and Dulaimi, who had already been nominated by the Prime Minister for the post, but the defense has not been raised in Parliament.
Accordingly, we are dealing with the matter through consent and without due respect for national consensus to settled the problem of long-term, but the two ministries did not interfere with the points system by which the distribution of portfolios, and here it must be resolved by consensus politics.