Erbil, July 21 (Rn) – The Member of the economy and investment, on Saturday, the intention of its Committee held an extensive meeting with representatives from the ministries and institutions on the Law of the customs tariff to discuss the possibility of its application without impact on the citizen and determine the timeframe for its implementation. According to a statement.

The statement quoted the MP for the coalition in Iraq Nora Albjara as saying that “Although the tariff law has negative effects on the citizen for a certain period of increasing prices in the markets, but the implementation is very important to stimulate the economic sectors and to create competition between the products of foreign and domestic.”

She added that the Economic Commission parliamentary plans to hold an expanded meeting with those concerned with this law Kmasti Finance, Planning and the General Customs and the Department of standardization and quality control to determine the most important problems facing law enforcement and develop a mechanism to prevent the impact of law on the citizen by increasing prices in the local markets. “

She explained that its Committee will host representatives from the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to find out the reasons for postponing the law and the agreement to determine the timeframe for its implementation.

Albjara showed that, despite its effects on the market, “but it Senlms positive results after two years of its application.”

Identified in the Ministry of Finance February 16, 2012 the first of July date for the direct tariff for all goods entering Iraq to support the production, industry, local agriculture and reduce flood the market with shoddy goods.

The law provides for the imposition of customs duties on imported goods, not included in the table of tariff duties, by no more than 20% of its value, to be exempt samples and models that are not of commercial value, customs duties, and took into account the law in the application of its provisions, the facilities granted under the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006.