Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Mohamed al-Khafaji, pointed out that "The Political Reforms Committee did not take any positive step till now concerning the pending issues," noting that "The Sadr Trend will not support the Committee if it proved to be not serious."

He stated to AIN "The crisis is going to be solved if the State institutes including the Political and Service institutes were reformed."

"We have reached agreement with the members of the State of Law Coalition and the Iraqi National Alliance over comprehensive and real reforms to solve all the pending issues," he stressed.

"As a member of the Parliamentary Services Committee I considered the services issues as a crucial file," he added.

"If our partners in INA did not adhere to the proposal of the head of the Sadr Trend, Muqtada al-Sadr, which calls for comprehensive reforms, we will stop being a part of it," he concluded.