Awadi: Meeting of the Alliance discussed the results of the work of the reform with the political parties

On: Friday 07/20/2012 15:09
Forum / WAP / MP National Alliance, Ihsan Al-Awadi, the political body of the National Alliance discussed at its meeting yesterday, the results of the work of the Reform Commission and discussions with political parties.
He said Al-Awadi said in a statement issued by his press office has received news agency Baghdad International / copy / "The Reform Commission confirmed the presence of a positive spirit, and openness by all the political blocs that opened it as I listened to the suggestions and concerns and all that put forward by the political blocs."

He added:
"The meetings held at the home of the President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim Jaafari, with the coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan has been positive and encouraging to proceed with the paper reforms."
He continued: "The meeting included discussion of the upcoming elections and the need to take place on time as well as accelerate the selection of the Board of Commissioners to be able to perform his duties with confidence."