Adam talking .10 Cents RV Again
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Thread: Adam talking .10 Cents RV Again

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    Adam talking .10 Cents RV Again

    7-20-2012 Adam Montana: I think a ten cent RV makes a lot of sense, especially if it happens AFTER they move the value from 1166:1 to 1000:1. A ten cent RV then becomes simple math for everyone involved. Is that the way it will happen? I can't tell you for sure, but it makes more sense to do that than it does to slam the value up to $3.86.They get an increase in value, they get to retain control, and the math is easy enough for EVERYONE to understand, which will assist in making the move successful.

    Just a couple of weeks ago, Adam said that the Dinar would have greater value than the Egyptian Pound because Iraq has more resources. The last I checked, the Egyptian Pound was at .16 Cents. This is why I say just read the articles between the line because nobody's speculation has been right todate. Not knocking anyone but one many people are saying one thing, they say another, then back to the other, and all the way around back to where they started. I'm sticking to my $1.13 to $2.47 rate bcause I believe if GE, Aciacell and other major companies that is in Iraq right now is prepared for business, why would they get paid in a currency worth .10 Cents when the country is loaded with the USD. It would make better sense (In my opinion) to just get paid in USD instead of Dinars for that matter. This is my story and I'm STICKING to it.

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    When we RV at $3+ I'll give him .20 for his.
    It's simple math for me, too.

    If you think today is good, just wait til tomorrow!!

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    The biggest problem with the .10 cent theory.. is this.

    The CBI articles have repeatedly used the reference of the dinar being equal to a dollar.
    They want the citizens to understand that their currency is strong.. like the dollar.
    They want their citzens to use the dinar like the dollar.

    How can they achieve that goal.. if it takes 10 dinars to equal the purchase power of one dollar?

    Anything is possible.. we don't know what it is that we don't know..
    but then there is good, old fashioned common sense.

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    I agree with the both of you. $1.00 I'll take all day lol but $1.13 would be nice considering the spread too.

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    The CBI has already stated 1 dinar = $1 USD. It wouldn't make much sense to print new, lower denoms and RV at 10 cents. Also, the CBI will want to de-dollarize Iraq and must provide an incentive for their people to redeem dollars for dinar. IMO the dinar must be worth more than the dollar to de-dollarize Iraq.

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    I believe that when the CBI said one dinar=one dollar they were not speaking to us but to the Iraqi people, making a simple statement that the dinar would compete with the dollar and be equally strong. This does not mean it will be one for one, but that the purchasing power of the dinar will be at least as strong as the dollar, and in fact I believe it will be far stronger, at least three times as strong as the US Dollar. When the Iraqis see that their dinars are three times more valuable than the dollar, they'll use their dinars and get rid of the dollars, which is what Shabibi wants. If the dinar came in at ten cents, the Iraqis would have zero motivation to give up the dollar. Even at one-to-one, they would probably stick to the dollar since it has been good to them since the devaluing of their currency. Only an RV that takes the dinar well above the dollar makes sense to cause the de-dollarization of Iraq, IMHO.

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    I'd take a non-lopped .10 over a lopped $3.00 any day. I'm not preaching a lop so don't start freaking out just because I said that lol. Honestly though, the eventual rate gets so much time, thought and discussion, while discussion of whether or not this thing lops goes virtually unthought about. Whether it does or doesn't lop has tremendously more bearing on the net value of the RV'd dinar than any realistic rate would. I'm just sayin'.

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    Easy answer: it won't LOP. One big reason why: it had value before it was dropped to the level it is now, it is only at this level because they wanted to keep terrorists from getting their hands on money with that kind of value, and as soon as the situation in Iraq is stable again, the value will return to the level it was before. There's no way in the world that a country with the wealth that Iraq has would LOP, nor would Shabibi do something like that to further shake up his countrymen's confidence in the dinar, let alone those who have invested in Iraq all over the world. And inflation has been no where near high enough to even require a LOP. It isn't going to happen.

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    DinarGroupie, Sounds like Tony is saying the same as you.

    7-20-2012 Tony (PTR): I'm real frustrated myself because I heard it was supposed to happen by the 19th. I talked to our contact in Iraq he said they were mad at Shabibi because he messed up and made the dollar stronger. He said 2 other guys also said he is stabalizing the dollar against the dinar so it wouldn't fluctuate during Ramadan. There was a vote at the UN and then another one today. It didn't go the way we wanted it to go. The issues with Syria are causing problems with the currency and the black market and the people who are involved with the RV. They are saying in the news, the mosques everywhere that the rate will be 1 to 1 but that's just in country. Out of country the rate for us will be a lot higher. When the border situation is resolved this will happen. It could be today, tomorrow or the next day. The RV is done and can happen on any given day. This still could be a good day.

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    JayLee202, one huge issue I have with Tony and anyone who talks like him is that there cannot be two rates: one in-country, the other out. A currency is a currency, no matter where in the world it is. It always has the same value at home as it does internationally. For some reason Tony is trying to accommodate the "one-to-one" scenario by saying it will be exactly that in Iraq, but higher elsewhere. No way, Jose! Whatever it is in Iraq it will be here, and vice-versa. Thanks for telling me what Tony said, I hadn't heard this one.

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