Baghdad participate in the meetings of the World Bank in Beirut
On: Friday 7/20/2012 0:45

Baghdad / range
chaired the Minister of Construction and Housing Mohammed Darraji the ministerial delegation participating in the meetings of the projects funded by the World Bank in the field of roads and Algesoralamnakd in the Lebanese capital Beirut.

Daraji said in a press statement seen by the term, "it was held extensive meetings with representatives of the World Bank on projects to be funded in the field of roads and bridges by the World Bank, of which the dry canal project Highway No. 2, which connects the port of Umm Qasr to both Turkey and Iran Syria and Jordan through a network of highways. "
said Darraji that he "was discussed a project to prepare and maintain Highway No. (1), which extends from southern Iraq when the areas of Safwan and Basra, up to the Syrian and Jordanian borders, according to global standards, which will provide this project for Iraq economic activity is active, "asserting that" the road will be rehabilitated completely in terms of fences and re-furnished, as well as plants break according to the basic design of the road. "
The Darraji "The meetings that were held recently with the World Bank delegation in the Lebanese capital Beirut, which resulted in positive results will be reflected in the form of important projects in the field of highways and bridges, where the next stage will witness significant cooperation with the World Bank to fund strategic projects and the creation of highways economically feasible task for the country. "