Barzani stresses that reforms need to be real guarantees and the roof of a specific conduct
On: Friday 7/20/2012 1:27

Baghdad / term
The President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, on Thursday, the importance of real political reform in Iraq and provide the legal guarantees required to conduct according to a specific timeframe, noting that he has not and will reject any future meetings with the National Alliance to end the crisis in the country.

According to an official statement, seen by the "long", that "Barzani discuss, on Thursday, with the adviser, Vice President for National Security Affairs, Tony Blinken, and his accompanying delegation the latest developments on the Iraqi political arena and the political crisis taking place in Iraq and the efforts being made ​​in finding solutions political and correct the course of the political process and power in the country. "
and pointed out that "the visiting delegation reviewed during the meeting, the substance of his talks with officials in Baghdad in the perspective of the National Alliance in regards to the political reform process."
The statement added that Barzani stressed in this regard, "the need for reforms real aims to provide the political situation in Iraq and to provide legal guarantee for such reforms and put a time limit to meet political parties on its promises to the Iraqi people. "
In regard to the meetings and future meetings with the President of the National Alliance and meetings of the Kurdistan Alliance with the National Alliance, said Barzani that he "did not reject any time of such meetings. "
and the face of the National Alliance last week, an official invitation to all the political blocs to start a direct dialogue on a reform package to overcome the current political crisis.
According to the statement, the meeting also saw the "talking about the problems between the KRG and Baghdad on the issue of export of oil and gas agreements and the joint security committees in the areas withheld and the lack of coordination between these committees, as well as the latest developments on the Syrian arena, where the two sides exchanged views on these issues in detail. "u