19/07/2012 09:09
ERBIL, July 19 (AKnews)- A delegation from the oil and gas committee at Iraqi House of Representatives which is now in Kurdistan will report to Baghdad the opinion of Erbil government over oil and gas dispute, a delegation member said.

The delegation arrived in Erbil on Tuesday.

The delegation is not in Kurdistan for investigation, said Kurdish MP Bayazid Hassan.

He added it will just report the positions of Baghdad and Erbil governments over the disputes without investigating the oil smuggling charges against Kurdistan.

Hassan said the delegation has sent a number of questions and comments to Kurdistan natural resources minister Ashti Hawrami and has recorded its own comments.

He said the delegation has noticed that Erbil deems the disputes over oil and gas will be resolved once the oil and gas bill is ratified.

The delegation will meet with Iraqi oil minister after concluding Erbil visit and finally will report to the presidency of Iraqi House of Representatives, Hassan said.