BAGHDAD (Iba) .. An advisor of the Iraqi List Hani Ashour said the paper reforms now in the way of failure where not agreed to within the National Alliance, and she became the paper to buy time and not for the reforms, and will not see the light or put on the table.

Ashour, described in a statement received by the independent press (Iba) reforms as nothing more than an attempt to dissolve the crisis and the government is not serious in dealing with them, which can bring the crisis to square one.

He said the paper instead of the reforms to be a step forward for the reform of the political process and the consolidation of the democratic system has become a step backwards, indicating that the crisis is not a solution to migrate them, but leave them swell under abnormal conditions to leave the side effects is able to resolve them.

He noted that the delay of reforms and turn it into a maneuver to gain time, and the perception in some quarters it is a window to breathe out of the crisis, will produce a new crisis, and if the return of the crisis there will be no convincing solutions, and will grow significantly, and perhaps next year in the crisis have an impact on the upcoming elections and the overall the situation in Iraq, the lack of serious reforms that will exacerbate the crisis, the reforms are still no guarantees of the newly, and without convictions and without confidence. (end)