BAGHDAD (Iba) . Denied the MP to meet with the pink for the Iraqi List, the news Metrdd recently the existence of meetings behind the scenes between the two alliances of Kurdistan and the National Aouhsol any political meetings of this kind at the present time with the state law, saying that Iraq continues to question the prime minister in the coming days.

The Pink told the independent press (Iba) ... There has been no meeting behind the scenes between state law and the Iraqi List, but who got a meeting between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the Speaker of the Parliament against the backdrop of a social occasion.

She said the list has not been any issue with the state law in this aspect during the last period, pointing out that many of the outstanding issues between the two sides are still in place, and past its list continues to question the prime minister.

. She pointed out that the pink and the Iraqi List, seeking to resolve the crisis through Alhawwaruadm escalation in this matter.

And was a member of a coalition of state law, the National Alliance MP Shaker Darraji has revealed, for political meetings take place between the political parties are undeclared to create the holding of meetings on the reform paper prepared by the Alliance to get out of the current political situation. () (End)