Zobaie: If al-Maliki was afraid of the military coup Valaracah defense is ready to replace the Interior

BAGHDAD (Iba) ..MP Talal Zobaie Khudair the Iraqi List, the interrogation process that went into effect and all the files have been completed and will see the House of Representatives in the coming days to question Mr. al-Maliki as a prelude to censure him. He Zobaie told the independent press (Iba) If Mr. Maliki afraid of the military coup fictitious and have no health list is Iraq ready to replace the bag of Defense Ministry of the Interior. He pointed to Zobaie we call non-interference by neighboring countries face the other hand, they hear the words in the case of neighboring countries to justify their personal interests and express these interventions by Iran reject or accept it at all. He stressed that Iraq does not believe in the reform paper and consider it some kind of disclaimer on the promises made previously and these committees and conferences are in a dead end and we have no choice but to the process of questioning and then withdraw confidence. (End)
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