On: Wednesday 18/07/2012 10:20

Baghdad (news) .. Chairman of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary deputy Ahmad al-Alwani, that the application of tariff law will have returns positively reflected on the economic reality of Iraq.

said Alwani, in a press release received the Agency (news) a copy of it on Wednesday: The activation code tariffs properly reflect the reality of the Iraqi economy through higher continued good treasury the federal public on the one hand on the other hand will help to direct the state to pay attention to the governorates of non-oil and development.

He added: Otherwise, we declare our reservation on any action that would delay implementation of the law because of its serious damage to the economic reality and to the general budget through spending a lot of returns of Finance not to mention that such a procedure serves a particular class controls the Iraqi market by keeping the market its doors wide open for each of the bear.

called al-Alwani, the political parties to: take a serious stand to enforce the law as it otherwise it will lead to economic disaster not praise Akbaha addition to the overwhelming market chaos.