Deputy for Iraq: oil and gas law guarantees to stop oil smuggling to Turkey
BAGHDAD / electronic integrity
MP for the Iraqi List, Gomaa said Qusay addressing the crisis over the issue of smuggling of oil from the region of the north to Turkey and Tdaeitha between the central government and the province can be resolved in the legislation of the law of oil and gas in the Iraqi Council of Representatives
He said Qusay Fri newspaper's "integrity of electronic" today that the central government to negotiate with the Kurdistan region on the issue of smuggling of oil, adding that the two parties Mottagaozan on the Iraqi constitution.
He explained that he is not entitled to the central government and the province as the export of oil extraction that any wells or open any new oil-chairs in which the parties may not limit its action without involving the other calling for a legislation to the oil and gas law to solve the crisis happening between them.
Mustafa al-Araji