The current House of Representatives plans to buy weapons for its members $ 5 billion dinars
Author: Iraq for all - 07/18/2012 17:51:11

Informed sources revealed on Wednesday for communications of an official took place between the committees of "security and defense" and "Public Member" in the current parliament a draft purchase weapons to members of the Council of 5 billion dinars.
The sources pointed out that the correspondence that took place in the 10 of July, the current, between the two Committees the two accompanying book issued by the Ministry of Defence on the current weapon selected for MPs and their prices and the agency responsible for disbursement of funds necessary to do so.

The sources indicated, quoting correspondence and referred to the book that it decided to buy weapons by five pistols and rifles, ten for each member, and allocate purchase payments in excess of 5 billion dinars from the budget of the Council itself.

Remains unclear so far the motives behind this action, which is remarkable, because of the fact that each member of the House of Representatives has the current military force equipped with various weapons for the purpose of protection, and the disposal of its financial allocations billions per month.