Intervention of the U.S. administration on the Iraq crisis line again and send Blinken, who met al-Maliki and Najafi today
Posted 18/07/2012 01:17 PM

BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"
entered the U.S. administration on the line of the Iraq crisis again, Vaovdt Tony Blinken, national security adviser to Vice President Joe Biden, who met with al-Maliki and Najafi today in Baghdad.
the office of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said that the latter had received a written message from President Barack Obama .

A statement from the Office of the Prime Minister received the Tony Pellnkn national security adviser to Vice President Joe Biden and the delegation accompanying him, where he received during the meeting, a written message from President Obama, in which he stressed "the discretion of the United States to Iraq policy and his plans in the field of oil, describing it as contributing to international energy security , "calling to" expand bilateral cooperation. "

The new Obama, according to the statement, "Washington's willingness to increase cooperation with the Iraqi government in all areas."

Maliki's future Blinken
For his part, Maliki, "the need for continued cooperation between the U.S. and Iraq in all fields, particularly in the area of ​​security, energy and the need to equip the Iraqi army with the necessary equipment for the defense of Iraq and to secure its sovereignty over its territory and airspace, and the face of any violation under him."

The new "build Iraq to peaceful solutions based on dialogue away from violence and murder."

The Pellnkn explanation of an expanded point of view of the administration of the various challenges facing the region, while listened to the perception of Iraq for all of these challenges and the results could end it, and expressed his support for the point of view of Iraq for many of the issues discussed, the statement said.
to the Prime House of Representatives Osama Najafi with the adviser, U.S. Vice President Tony Blinken placed political reform, and provincial elections.
A statement by the Office of the President of parliament, said, "Najafi said during the meeting today, the need for real reforms to develop the political situation in Iraq, accompanied by legal guarantees, through the enactment of the House of Representatives is required political parties and the authorities of political reforms. "

He added: "We have to put a time limit for reforms so that the political parties to give positive signals to the people on the issue of reforms."

For his part, touched Advisor, U.S. Vice President to file the election and the importance of the completion of the formation of the Electoral Commission.

Najafi and stressed "the importance of the involvement of the components especially the Turkmen and Christians in the composition of the Electoral Commission," stressing that "the provincial elections law will find a way to approve soon."

He said the U.S. side, "The United States stands on one level with all the political parties and strongly supports the democratic transition in Iraq."