Put the finishing touches on the law of parties
18/07/2012 0:00

BAGHDAD - Shaima Rashid
revealed the legal representative for a meeting soon to finalize the law of parties.
In spite of the existence of objections by some members of the House of Representatives on the law, but political sources confirmed for the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," that these objections are not considerable ability to influence the legislation, declaring near approval.
has confirmed a member of the Legal Committee Attorney nice Mustafa said that "the law of parties had been read the second reading, but it was not completed in one sitting, so it was postponed to a second session after the end of the second reading in Parliament and the end of all interventions and observations by the House of Representatives will be law to the Legal Committee for the formulation in the light of proposals of deputies of constitutional and legal. "
The Legal Committee announced last week completed amendments to the law of parties, but the deputies objected to some of the material.
He Mustafa: "After the completion of the project formulation according to the interventions and proposals of Representatives will be submitted to the Presidency with the report of the Committee to be included on the agenda of the meetings of the House of Representatives, expected to take approval from one month to two months. "
and warned the existence of differences on the law, but he stressed that it disputes a simple, not big like other laws, saying in this regard: "The differences between the House of Representatives concerning the law of parties does not exceed the difference in points of view and not many problems hinder substantive objections or approval of this law or the major political problems, but just a difference of opinion can be ironed out."