Turkey rejects Iraq's request to stop importing oil from the Kurdistan region without his consent

To confirm their positions in hostilities against Iraq, the Turkish government has refused to request the Iraqi government to stop importing oil from the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Iraqi government, despite warnings that this will affect relations between Baghdad and Ankara, describing the step without legitimacy.
The Web site, newspaper (Hurriyet following de News) Turkey's widespread, "The government of Turkey refused to request the Iraqi government to stop importing oil from the Kurdistan region, because it believes that the contracts entered into by the provincial government and not the constitutionality of any problem."
The Web site quoted a senior Turkish official, as saying that "the contracts concluded by the Kurdistan Regional Government unconstitutional, if it were not also had the problem of the constitutionality of what the Turkish government agrees to import oil from the region, so we reject request of the Government of Iraq."
The newspaper predicted that the dispute affects negatively on the Turkish-Iraqi relations, and increase at the same time the differences between Baghdad and Erbil.
. The Iraqi government has called on Turkey to stop Sunday unauthorized export of oil through its territory, and while deemed export oil from Kurdistan to Turkey illegally, and considered it a direct intervention in the internal affairs of Iraq.
The Erdogan's government is involved in a regional project includes Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Emirates of fomenting instability in Iraq and topple the government all the way to derail the political process in Iraq, within the regional project has to do with the involvement of these countries in the project to destabilize Syria and bring down the system with the participation of U.S. and European.