Fatlawi: National conference program is limited to the expected reforms in the paper

Published on Tue, July 17 / 2012 15:31

BAGHDAD / With: MP for the State of Law coalition Hassoun Fatlawi National Congress that the program is expected to take place will be confined to paper reforms, noting that the reform is the only way to end the current political crisis.
He said Fatlawi in an interview with the correspondent of news agency the future on Tuesday that "the Reform Commission authorized its members to establish contacts with all the leaders of political blocs and negotiating with them on a paper reform, noting that all the political blocs and especially those that I met in Erbil, Najaf, demanded that the reforms, so the reform paper now real-time solution for those blocks. "
He Fatlawi that: "The emphasis of these reforms is the solution to the crisis afflicting the political process is not an option for us but this trend, the trend to other methods such as the withdrawal of trust are the methods do not represent a solution to the crisis, but will be a political solution as there is no beneficiary of these crises , and total loser in this way. "
Fatlawi added that "the forthcoming National Conference program will be limited to paper, especially the reform and that Congress did not repeal, as claimed by some parties and that the Committee wish to respond to the blocks with paper reforms as the only way out of the crisis."