In an attack is the worst .. Hashemi describes al-Maliki as Iraq's new serial killer?!!

Palm - to be accused to justice Tariq al-Hashimi, Tuesday, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the killing of Iraqis, and describing it as "butcher of the new Iraq, the murderer of the people of the Sunni and Shia.

Hashemi said in a statement issued by his office the interim in the Kurdistan Region, which draws the "news agency palm" that Iraq has lost because of the terrorist attacks in the various provinces of hundreds of thousands of innocent victims killed and wounded, and still shed the blood going and flowing, and still terrorism, and until recently was able to penetration, choose the target and determines the time and place and then carried out these attacks, freely and without hindrance. Al Hashimi, the commander of the armed forces, it seems enjoined to turn a blind eye and even gloss on terror because it proved the recognition Ambassador Knight as a partner is real, and the security services, it is busy and at the direction of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces to prosecute innocent people, leaving the real killers and terrorists at large are free, the love he put it. He Hashemi that the scandal came to be associated with the accumulation of a lot of evidence about the involvement of al-Maliki and those around him and hired using the function in the security cover for the killing of Iraqis Eatem and booby belts and improvised explosive devices, calling on Iraqis and public opinion at home and abroad to see what publishing site Alouecklex correspondence the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad about the involvement of al-Maliki and Zpanih of killing Iraqis.He Hashemi to what was said by the leader Barzani months ago that it was killing Shiites is al-Maliki and Mahaition it, has confirmed that he has conclusive evidence on this issue and will announce at the right time ..There was no al-Maliki, but kept silent silence of the dead This is then fought the people of the Sunni and Shia, not al-Hashemi or Hamayate or the staff of his office the innocent. promised Hashimi al-Maliki killer new Iraq, killing your sons in fact Alzerkh, of shedding the blood of innocent people in Camp Ashraf, the demolition of homes on the heads of their inhabitants in the cities of al-Sadr and the torch and Kadhimiya, Diwaniyah, Missan and others .. Was not the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces?. asked Hashemi, who was responsible for smuggling al-Qaida leaders and terrorists from prisons in Basra and al-Rusafa, you chased al-Maliki, you demanded that Iran handed over, do you punish the security services Shortened?. However, Hashemi said, did not happen because it simply (Maliki) partner in all these crimes are not surprising, since it would be familiar with the record-Maliki in the seventies and eighties of the last century, notes mark the terrorist in Beirut, Kuwait, Baghdad and elsewhere, and therefore should not be surprised behavior, which is in power.