Iraq’s central bank raised the bank’s new bill to both houses of the State Consultative and House of Representatives for discussion and approval.

The deputy governor of Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh: “The bill is aimed at the separation of management and ownership, where the administration will be / by project / of the leaders have banking experience in both public and private sectors to liberalize the banking sector administrative constraints that hinder the banks work. “

It is hoped to discuss the conference in the House legislation for banks and private Iraqi government on the 25th of this month to find out the obstacles to the sector and the problems it faces.

He noted in an earlier statement in favor of the National Iraqi News / Nina / that all banks operating in Iraq, operating under the Companies Act No. Twenty-two of 1997, as amended, where can not be under this law for a government to impose financial penalties on the other hand government.

He said that it is necessary to re-consider all the banking legislation, whether the banks of the civil government or the banking sector because of the important sectors and key factors in economic development and attracting investment to Iraq.