Abbas Muhammadawi calls for Allawi to step down.
17/07/2012 12:22:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / Secretary-General of the sons of Iraq coalition, Abbas Muhammadawi called for Iraqiya list President Iyad Allawi to step down from the leadership of list.
He told / NINA / in a statement, that the Iraqiya List and its leader Iyad Allawi disappointed their electors from the Iraqi people after the exposure of some of its members, who are accused that their hands stained with the blood of Iraqis and they are trying to disrupt the political process and to provide security and services to citizens.

He expressed his belief that the Iraqiya List, and its leader, no longer represent the Iraqi people, but they represent foreign agendas, especially Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey by Israeli planning.