Legal Committee: Agreement to proceed with discussions to approve oil and gas law

Announced that the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives that the meeting was the Mini, which was held the Office of House Speaker Osama Najafi and the presence of the Presidency and the Presidency of the two legal, oil and gas produced from the agreement to continue discussing the ratification of the oil and gas.
said the Commission's decision Omar Jubouri's "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network" , said the meeting concluded the agreement to continue the dialogue.
He Jubouri, it was confirmed that the copy of the law of oil and gas in "2007" is perhaps the more copies that can be relied upon to confirm maintain the federal administration of the oil wealth.
mention, that the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary three drafts of oil and gas law is the draft of "2007" and the draft of the government and draft a proposed Commission Act. The dispute is between Arbil and Baghdad, "41" oil contracts signed by the provincial government since "2007" until now, and described the Baghdad government, lack of transparency in the signature.