Damluji: Iraq with reform, but would not dispense with the interrogation of al-Maliki
Author: Cairo - conscious 1 - 07/16/2012 13:12:1

Said Maysoon al, spokeswoman for the coalition in Iraq: "The Iraqi with the process of reform advocated by the National Alliance, but this does not mean dispensing with the questioning of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki."

Damluji said: "that Iraq had not received an official copy of the paper reform prepared by the National Alliance, did not learn of it only what is being said through the media."

And wondered about the reason for the delay of reform which is supposed to get from the previous session for the lifetime of the government down to the terms of agreement that Erbil was formed on its impact on the current government.

She said: "The reforms advocated by the partners today is an attempt to gain time and do not differ from the percent on that gave al-Maliki to gain time did not provide anything for the Iraqi people."

And confirmed the process to move to question the prime minister and the withdrawal of confidence with him, expressing the belief al-Maliki not serious process of reform.