Kurdistan: There are fears of corruption in the law of the infrastructure or to exploit for political purposes
Monday, July 16, 2012 08:31

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates MP for the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahma
Khalil, said the draft law of the infrastructure is disabled because of the lack of unified vision by the government, pointing out that there is no fear of the birth of this project.

Khalil said in a statement to Agence {Euphrates News} on Monday that "the government is not unified in its vision toward a bill of infrastructure, because the Minister of Finance and Planning and Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, both of them began to present his vision for the project and thus became There are three views of the law."

He said, "We are with the approval of this project, but Parliament also has the notes and questions and what proportion of the benefits of it? And what are the arrangements about the consequences of Iraq's approval, this should decline consideration by those concerned fully."

Khelil said "There are no negative effects on Iraq over the approval of the project, but there is no fear of the birth of this project or the occurrence of violations of the terms of corruption, or exploit for political purposes, noting that" the country needs this project. "

A parliamentary source said that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives addressed the government's inquiry about the law of the infrastructure of the controversial and that this law by the many differences and the Presidency of Parliament received the draft of the proposed law payment on credit to build schools of the committees of education and the economy have been sent a proposed law to the government for the purpose of inquiring about her mind.

Congress in session last Thursday hosted by the Ministers of Finance and Planning fear of this law, noting that they fear infiltration of corruption to this project, which could lead to a negative burden on it.

And raises the law infrastructure surprise some of the blocks because it depends on the payment on credit meaning it holds Iraq's new debt at the time saw him as a vice that the budget is sufficient to complete the projects without resorting to debt that tax burden of the Iraqi state and focus on the budget which corresponds to balance the 3 countries in the logic according to the views of Congress.

And refused to block the citizen activation code payment on credit for the advancement of structures Althith of the state, calling it mind {is very serious} and consequently lead to the accumulation of debts on Iraq, while Iraq has the money, but wants to control the other and the devastation of Iraqi society, a financial and administrative corruption.

As he emphasized that the Government Economists If you try to re-work payment system on credit canceled by the House of Representatives under the terms of the financial budget, this will open the door of financial and administrative corruption. Over 2