Kurdistan: to question the prime minister is part of the reforms and we are involved by
Haider Ali Jawad - 16/07/2012 AD - 10:37 AM | Hits: 60

MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Chuan Mohamed Taha said the questioning of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is part of the reforms. said that the Kurdistan Alliance position clear of Salahat and we are one of the most demanding them, so the interrogation of al-Maliki is part of the reforms and the application process, successful democracy in Iraq. " he added "The reform needs to approach the reformist and the mechanism is applied by the reform," saying "the fear of survival and paper reforms like its predecessors only ink on paper without the application." He continued: "We are continuing the process of questioning and when we saw the paper the reform of the National Alliance will determine the mechanism that will be drawing the political process through which