Parliament calls for the presentation and paper reforms the House of Representatives for a vote
[9:39] 12/Jul/16

Erbil, July 16 (PNA) - called on the Deputy for the Liberal bloc led by cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Monday, to present a paper of the reforms proposed by the National Alliance of the House for a vote to be binding implementation.
The MP said Hassan al-Jubouri told Biamunir "The political situation is heading towards the reforms is the best option to resolve outstanding problems," and expressed hope that "This paper will serious" and called for the "Install this paper and officially submitted to the House of Representatives for a vote to be binding for all of its implementation. "
The Jubouri that "blocs meeting in Arbil, may reverse its decision to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister if this paper is in the interest of the political process," adding that "the process of reform is better than no-confidence or re-election."
For his part, said Qasim al-Araji, MP for the National Alliance, led by Ibrahim told Biamunir that "paper reform will ensure the hearing of the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance and discuss all the problems and explain solutions to them."
He explained that al-Araji, "questioning the case of democracy, not feared, and we are reassured that they will not get everyone, votes of no confidence."
"The National Alliance confirms that there must be a sincere and serious reforms and there are some of the hamper was held Committee was also hampered by National Conference, the Alliance has formed a committee to the highest levels and led by Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari to resolve the points and discuss problems and solutions."
He pointed out that "the prime minister binding including producing about these dialogues, and who want to withdraw the confidence they want is currently out of the impasse," Msttrda "We have to discuss the draft law of oil and gas, and there are essential points need to be discussing the differences, and respect the securities issued by the meetings of the Erbil and Najaf. "
Araji and revealed that "delegations of the National Alliance will begin discussions with other blocs in the coming days."