Moves to a meeting between the three main blocs
07/16/2012 0:00

The source of the "morning" meetings between the national and Iraqi positions closer to
Baghdad - Alaa al-Tai - Omar Abdel-Latif
said the National Alliance for the meetings took place between one of its leaders and representatives of the Iraqi List, yielded a resolving in attitudes.

The day after these meetings, one of the positive meeting took place between the President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim Jaafari, the head of the Kurdistan Alliance Fouad Masum, while the parties seek to collect the three main blocs to the dialogue table.

and MP for a coalition of state law Abbas al-Bayati, a meeting-Jaafari and infallible as an "important step" in the framework of openness and meetings between parliamentary blocs to clarify the vision of the reform coalition and inform them of the priorities of the reform project.
Al-Bayati said the "Centre Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," that " next meeting with the Iraqi List and representatives, followed by meetings with the rest of the parliamentary lists, which aims to drive reform forward by listening to the remarks blocks and the vision of reform. "

It is said that the leader of the National Alliance Shirwan Waili announced for "Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network", said the paper prepared by the reform bloc includes 70 items will be implemented in stages, according to the guarantees, noting that "the National Alliance seeks to gain the consent of the partners in the political process, particularly the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List to complete the picture or the reform project. "

in turn, said the National Alliance MP Shaker Darraji: that "there is consensus between the political blocs support the reform project, and plans to the parties that recently pulled out of the Iraqi List, the announcement of the gathering includes all the blocks in which separated from the Iraqi List, and its desire to support the political process and reforms. "

and revealed "visits took place between the Vice President of the Republic Khudair Khuzaie and leaders of the Iraqi List, to improve the atmosphere of political , "pointing out that the reform project adopted by the Alliance is not in isolation from the rest of the papers submitted by political parties."