Maliki depends candidates withdrawing from Iraq to take over the defense
Date: Monday 16/7/2012 2:05
Baghdad / Ghassan
stressed block free actress of the Sadrist movement on reforms within the National Alliance, who leads the government, confirming its adherence to the option of questioning the Prime Minister.
and MP Prince Kanani support mass for reforms, especially within the coalition, said the "term": "We support the reform both within the Council of Ministers Or the political process as well as within the National Alliance, especially in relation to establishing the mandate of Prime Minister. "

It was a coalition of state law announced his refusal of the mandate of the Prime Minister, describing this approach as a violation of the constitution which make the state open to major government, parliament and set two sessions to the President. Announced the Liberal bloc collected signatures of members of the House of Representatives, to prepare a draft proposed law defines the mandate of the three presidencies two sessions only.
MP Kanani expressed the readiness of its mass to support the option to question al-Maliki: "The issue of withdrawal of confidence constitutional, legal, Maliki, head of government of national partnership, and questioned, however, partners, and if they find fault in his performance, he was questioning updated conditions we would be supportive of this approach, not the possibility of the National Alliance to disable it. " With reduced Maliki's coalition of the importance of questioning the difficulty to achieve by the owners of this option, MP for the Iraqi List, Hamza Alkrtani submit a request in this regard within the next few days to head the parliament.

In regard to the Another Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, 5 candidates to fill the positions of the security ministries, including three people to the Ministry of Defence has been nominated by the parliamentary blocs, withdrawing from the Iraqi List. And MP for the rule of law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki to 5 candidates to fill the security ministries by the President of the Council of Ministers for the Presidency of the parliament as a prelude to put to the vote in future meetings and said the "term": "Send the Prime Minister the names of five candidates to the presidency of the parliament three for the defense and two of the interior, we expect replies presidency of the Council for the purpose of put in front of members then vote," saying that the three candidates for the position of the Ministry of Defence has been nominated by the parliamentary blocs, withdrawing from the Iraqi List, "was reserved Iraq the names of the candidates because the three of them were Trahém by the components of Iraq as much as its current size" in a clear reference to the nomination came from before mass white, and Iraqi Free.

With said Iraqi forces led by Iyad Allawi, its adherence to the right access to the Defense Ministry, ruled out its member MP Talal Hussein Zobaie resolve the file security ministries, to undergoing what he described quota system of sectarianism and said the "term": "sees our partners that the positions should be shared on the basis of sects among the Shiites and the Kurds, Sunnis, and that embodied this process, it does not mean more than approval of the foundations of the components can not provide service to the community, and even that has been filtering in another form remains the case based on the quotas and the problem persists as long as the political system based on ethnic and sectarian lines. "

The agreement included Erbil signed between the parties involved in the government, item, provides for the granting of the Ministry of Defence the Iraqi list and the Interior to the National Alliance.

to that expressed by a coalition of state law, MP Abbas al-Bayati expressed optimism the possibility of easing the crisis between the federal government and the Kurdistan region, emphasizing the exchange of messages interpretation to settle the dispute between the parties: "There are messages oral mutual and mediation efforts are trying to move the stagnant water between Baghdad and Erbil , and this reinforces the phenomenon of political consensus, and we are embarking on legislation a series of laws, notably oil and gas, and we will reach in the coming days to a political atmosphere that a new Iraqi. "

and in turn, said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Qassem Mohammad, the continuation of contacts his alliance with the political forces in spite of the existence of differences and said for "long": "communication between the political forces is broken once and for all and the Kurdistan Alliance is linked to a strong relationship with the parties, regardless of differences."

and meanwhile, announced the National Alliance, who leads the government's willingness to put his paper reform in front of the parliamentary bloc said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Khalid Shwani to take a position official to the paper after having heard the contents: "I did not we receive the paper formally, and then found we will announce our position."

and announced the National Alliance, he was sending a delegation representing the committee reform to Kurdistan, and contact list of Iraq to discuss the contents of the paper, in preparation for a meeting expanded to overcome the political crisis.