Participants in the Conference recommended that the provincial councils, which was held in the city of Kut, Iraq with the participation of seven councils deduct the share of the Iraqi provinces of the oil extracted in the province of Kurdistan.

The Director of Media Council of Wasit Taha Alrdene (of the Agency news) said on Sunday: that the council hosted, today, the heads of seven councils of Iraq's provinces to discuss the implications of the case against five members of the Council of Wasit on charges of break into the Ahdab and attacks on its staff, and discuss the powers of provincial councils and constraints faced by the central government.

And Alrdene: that the conference which was attended by Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Torhan Mufti by a discussion of oil and gas law and the powers of local governments within the Constitution as the final outcome that creates the development of national and Allku file management in the oil and energy.

He pointed out: that participants in the conference recommended the appeal to the Heads of State and Government resolve the lawsuit filed by the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Dr Hussain al-Shahristani against five members of the provincial council on charges of break into the Ahdab oil field west of Kut, and attacks on its staff, which ended by issuing an arrest warrant against three members.

He added that the participants also recommended to grant provinces a share of the oil extracted in the province of Kurdistan and the distribution of wealth between the provinces equally, and to reject any amendment Bakanona provincial non-and local councils to while adjusting the number of seats of members in each council.