Urgent .. Meeting of the Presidency of the parliament after the agreement Najafi al-Maliki and to resolve the oil and gas law
Sun, July 15 / يوليو 2012 09:18 | |

Baghdad / Orr News
A source close to the prime minister that al-Maliki and Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi agreed to resolve the issue of oil and gas law during a visit by Maliki's recent Ngeevi, indicating an urgent meeting of the presidium of the parliament to discuss oil law.

The source said, told (Orr) that "al-Maliki and Najafi discussed the issue of oil and energy which has caused great controversy among the parliamentary blocs," The source indicated that "both parties agreed to adopt a version in February 2007 agreed by all parties and that the government had some remarks upon" .

The source noted that "the presidency of the parliament held an emergency meeting now in the presence of the oil and energy and the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives to put the final touches on the law to vote on it."